Your happiness partner – dessert for a better future

In my first post, I told you all that I love food. I wasn’t exaggerating, no. If someone were to ask me, ‘Are you a foodie?’, I would say yes, but there again is a catch right there. (I’m an interesting specimen. I go to the extent of contradicting myself – exhaustively even – many times. This may be such a case) I am a foodie, but I’m very picky. I’m finicky in every sense there can be. My dad has always called me a dainty darling. This is the case with what I eat as well.

I have no stomach for spicy food (my best friend, she just doesn’t get me sometimes for this; how she loves spice so much is still a fascination to me). I mean, why in heaven’s name should anyone torture their digestive tracts when they aren’t compelled to do so? I’ve never understood, and yet, it appears that many people are fans of burning their intestines on a regular basis. Ah well, let me go on with the job I’ve got in mind today.

My task (Mind you, it’s quite the task)

What I want to do now is impart knowledge. To all of you faithful readers. About what, you ask?


Yes, I want to talk about dessert. I am sure that you are aware of the fact that dessert is the most important part of a meal. You weren’t aware? What a shame. Well, there’s good reasoning behind this, even if it hasn’t been scientifically proven (yet).

Number one, it makes you happy, and happiness is absolutely vital for a good life. Let me present you with a carousel now. These images make my head swim with an unrealisitc appetite, and I’d do good to warn you thus: if you are hungry, grab some food, and then view these pictures. I have warned you.

I presume you’re brimming with instantaneous delight, mixed with a dissolute craving. I’m with you on that.

Secondly, I have to let the representatives of ‘spice club’ in on some disappointing news. One needs a sweet taste, or at least a neutralizer, when they eat the spiciest of things. You may enjoy it immensely whilst you devour it, but what about immediately after? You need milk? Ha! Now imagine you are eating sponge cake with an elegant dash of vanilla frosting (It brings a smile to my face). I doubt whether you’d need any milk after you eat a succulent piece. Now, don’t go and say, ‘I ate the cake to the extent it stuffed me; I needed water immediately after.’ That’s not quite fair. I mean, if you stow food down your food pipe, that’s not the dessert’s fault. It’s yours.

Finally, dessert brings people together. Okay, this point may just be bias on my part. When given an invitation to dine at another’s house, the prompt illustration that pops into my head is that of the dessert I’d partake in, after the main course. It may be the creamy payasams that the aunties make, or perhaps the hot, sumptuous pies. Whatever be the case, I am sure that imagining thick melted chocolate flowing down the crumbly lava cake, or the shine atop colorful gelatin would bring a wholesome satisfaction and put that smile on your face.

Hence, proved that dessert is an absolutely essential part of the meal that cannot be skipped. It is critical for an overall positive outlook to life, and a harmonious world with happy families.

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