Hello, my name is euphoria.

Oh, I’m not serious. My name is Nanditha. Although, admittedly, they mean the same thing. This time, I am serious.

Good morning, good afternoon, good night, whoever you may be, wherever you may be reading from, and welcome to ‘Words Amore’. I am Nanditha Kannan, your host. Oh, I’ve always wanted to say that! I’m nineteen currently, I am a pursuer of the arts, and I adore music. Now that I’ve made myself sound so professional, let me tell you the sillier things about me (admittedly, there are a lot more of those). I love mornings, yet I hate waking up. My favorite cuisine is Italian, but my favorite dish is the traditional, creamy yogurt rice! I run fast- I am not an athlete- but I have this aggravating fear- that I’d fall and break my bones. Perhaps that’s because I do fall a lot.

I fear funny things like water, and particularly, the moon. It’s my passion to become a south Indian classical musician, to study in an Ivy League, to wear my eyeliner without getting one side thick and the other thin, and, you know, normal teenage stuff like that.

I started this blog because I am very fond of writing. I’d write for hours together during my free time, but I didn’t have a platform to take the writing to others. That’s when my parents told me to set up a blog. I hope you enjoy whatever I have to give you. As your host (saying this makes me feel so amazing) I will give you the best possible experience, now that you’ve entered Words Amore- an arena where words are the only weapon. Okay, maybe even pictures? Please give me feedback, write to my email giving me suggestions, and enjoy your time aboard Words Amore.