I am extremely gratified and pleased to share with you all that my first book, ‘JOY’, has now been published!!❤️
I am eternally thankful to my family for having been so supportive and encouraging throughout this thrilling journey.
A huge shout-out and a big thank you to 16 leaves publishing, for having been so patient with me, and for having given me invaluable inputs!
I will be attaching the links where the book is now available for purchase. The Kindle copy and paperback versions are available both on Amazon India and USA. The book is also available on and!
Go check it out and give it a read!

The word ‘joy’ refers to the emotion evoked by well-being, success, or good fortune, and is
typically associated with feelings of intense, long-lasting happiness. This ‘joy’ is found by different
people at different points in their life, for differing reasons, and if they are lucky, this joy can be
the purpose of their very existence.
The story is titled ‘Joy’ for a very special purpose. The story revolves around our crusader, Maya.
Maya’s way of finding joy in her life is certainly unique – and this statement itself is quite a
wordplay. Read on to find out why. 
Joy comes easy when you seek it out.

I’ll affix the first part of the first chapter as a tiny preview of ‘JOY’ below. Sincerely hoping that all of you would love this warm little story as much as I loved writing it!


Fatigue was threatening to wash over my insides again. I tried to rise, but I felt wholly comatose, unable to support myself. My renewed efforts vain, I fell back onto the bed. I hadn’t moved in the past week; the only sight for my sore eyes was the cream-colored wall adorning the space opposite my white metal bed. I was principally afraid of the bed sliding, and of me rolling off and away with it.

Naturally, I’d not be efficient enough to move the bed back to its original position, in front of the cream wall, beside the rosewood stool. I barely had enough energy to open my eyelids these days. “Maya,” my sister called out from behind the door to the room. She emerged, her usually perfectly made hair pulled up in a careless bun. “It’s time for you to-” I cut her across, holding a trembling hand up; it fell back down as quickly as it came, I was too weak, clearly. It was, however, enough to quieten her. She looked down as fresh tears filled her strong brown eyes. The nurse, Alisa, entered now, holding a prescription firm in her hands. “Well, hello again,” she smiled, giving me a bright smile. I wanted to return it, but I couldn’t. I simply couldn’t do a thing.

Amazon link! Go check it out, go go go! – 16 Leaves! – Smashwords!

Lots of love,
Nanditha Kannan


  • Harini Sugantharaman

    Nandu ma – I am so super proud of you and your various achievements – be it in music, drawing and now writing ! I am the number one fan of yours 😀 Good luck on your journey as a writer. I have bought 5 books of “Joy”, so I can gift to my friends. I am certain it’s a great read and so wanted to buy, before Amazon runs out 😀

    Looking forward to your next book !

    Harini athai

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